When the dogs bark, there’s nothing to do but bark again

CLEO, Ohio — It was a long and lonely day.

It was early afternoon in late May and a group of men were out for a walk in a suburban neighborhood when they heard the noise of a dog.

The group stopped and ran to investigate.

They were confronted by a small dog.

It belonged to Cleo resident Cleo police Chief Mark Schmitt.

The dogs owner was walking around a corner when a dog started barking, Schmitt said.

The dog was the size of a puppy, Schimmett said.

Schmitt said the man, who was not identified, pulled out his gun and shot the dog several times.

It died on the spot.

The incident was captured on the dog’s body and a video was released by Cleo Police Chief Mark Schultz.

The dog is white, about 5 years old, and has long black hair.

The owner told police he killed the dog because he did not like the dog barking.

He has been charged with felony animal cruelty and is expected to appear in court Friday.

The Ohio SPCA has taken in the dog and plans to adopt it.

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