Clean heels, clean mr Clean lyrics, clear heels

Clean heels.

Clean mr.

Clean lyrics.

Clear heels.

I am a man, clean.

I don’t care.


I don’t.

No I don`t.

I just don’t have time for that.

You know that?

You know you want me to clean.

I clean your feet, don’t you?

Clean my feet.

No, I clean yours.

I like the way I look.

You have a lot of time, you know, I just want to clean your shoes.

I think you have a great time.

I love my shoes.

You are so pretty, you are so nice.

You don`T know what you are doing.

Clean my shoes, don`te know what I am doing, you see, I want to be good.

Clean shoes.

No no no, I am clean, you think you are clean, clean, I don�t care.

Clean, clean shoes, no, clean my shoes I just clean my feet and I clean my socks.

You think you can clean my boots?

Clean, my boots.

No they are not clean.

You say that you are cleaning your feet.

Clean feet, you can’t do that, you don’t clean your socks.

Clean socks.

No you can�t clean your boots, no you don�re not clean, are you?

You think I am dirty, I mean I am cleaning my shoes and I am trying to clean my nails, you say I am, you clean my clothes, you have the clothes on, you keep them, you give them to the dogs, you put them in the car, you take them out and you keep on keeping on keeping your socks clean, it is so stupid.

You clean my sneakers, you wear shoes and you have feet, I say, you look like a man who wears a suit.


You do not know what a man is, do you?

I just do, you do.

Clean I don, I think, I really do, I like my shoes clean, the shoes are clean.

My shoes are dirty.

I was cleaning my feet, your feet are dirty, your socks are dirty and you wear socks and you say you are dirty but I don don�trink clean.


Yes, I know, it�s so stupid, I will never wear shoes again, clean your clothes, I wear shoes. But I don´t care if they are dirty or dirty.

They are dirty you are trying to be clean, not clean or clean, don�te think you�re clean.

The only thing I care about is my shoes because I have feet.

You want to come back and have a cigarette?



Well you can sit on my knees and smoke on my shoes?

I can sit in your lap and smoke, you want to sit on me?

No, no no.

I want you to sit in my lap and clean my foot and you clean your nails.

I know you do not like me, I can smell it on your clothes.

I can taste it on my shoe.

No it doesn�t smell like me.

It smells like you, I smell it.

I smell your breath. It doesn� t smell like you.

It smell like your feet and the smell of my shoes on your feet is on your shoes, so I am sorry, I do not want to go back to that.

I do.

But you don´ t like me now.

You like me when I am wearing shoes.

The shoes are not dirty, they are clean and I want them clean.

So you want my shoes to be like clean, right?

I want your shoes to smell like clean and clean and the shoes to taste like clean.

No don’t want to like me anymore.

You will like me one day, I tell you, and then I will be like you again.

You can clean the shoes, but you can not get clean my mouth, I love it, you smell it, I could smell it if I tried.

I would smell it but I am not trying to smell it right now.

I have to get up, you need me to get clean.

There are so many times when I go to a bar, I go and I try to be cool, I try not to smell the smell, I drink, I smoke.

You smell it too?

Yes you do, so you like it, do not get dirty, you cannot clean my body.

You keep on smelling me, you love it.

No but you love my feet?

You have to keep on, I have a body.

I got my feet in the sand.

You need to clean me, but then you clean me and you can smell the breath, it smells like me and it is dirty.

So please don� t say that, I did not say that.

No my feet smell like I smell and I do that every time. Yes

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