The RNC’s new ‘white house communications director’ has her job: ‘I’m not racist’

POLITICO: The new RNC communications director, who joined the organization last year, will not have her job title set until March 1.

Sarah McBride, a former RNC comms director and communications director in the Obama administration, will report to RNC chairman Reince Priebus, according to an email sent Tuesday by Priebus.

McBride previously was the communications director for Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, a top GOP donor and a Trump ally.

She has served on the RNC’s campaign committee and has served as the RNC political director for the past year, according a party spokesman.

The new communications director will work with RNC Chair Reince — who has said he is open to women and minorities joining the RNC — and RNC vice chair Ronna Romney McDaniel.

RNC spokesman Brian Coy also confirmed McBride’s appointment.

RNC Chairman Reince has been open to having women and other minorities in the RNC, and we are encouraged by the appointment of Sarah McBrides as the new RNC commsd director.

She will report directly to RNC Chairman Priebus, who will be making the final decision.

McBrings new role comes as Trump’s party continues to face growing questions about its internal messaging.

RNC Chair Ronna Ann Romney McConnell has faced criticism over her past support for Planned Parenthood and other abortion-related causes.

She also has been criticized for her support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, which she called a “win for American workers.”

On Monday, McConnell appeared on Fox News and said she had not spoken to Trump about the issue, which has raised concerns that she could be influenced by the president.

But on Monday, after the RNC chair’s appearance on Fox, Trump called McConnell out on her “disgraceful” remarks.

Trump also said he “never” supported the RNC during the primaries.

He said that he had called the party “the party of Lincoln,” and McConnell was “a total disgrace” for her role in the primaries, saying that she “should not be there.”

McConnell’s new job will bring her one step closer to the top job at the RNC.

The RNC has been plagued by internal debates since its formation in August 2015.

While the party’s platform calls for a “strong defense of American values,” its message has been marked by an inability to find a common language to fight back against Trump’s populist populism.

The party has also struggled to respond to the rise of Trumpism in the Republican Party, and has struggled to reach out to voters who had voted for Trump but were skeptical of him.

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