Microsoft clears the way for the next generation of cleaning robots

A new generation of clean robots is coming to life in the US.

Microsoft’s CleanRoom software is set to roll out to select US customers in the coming weeks, bringing the company’s Cleanroom program into the 21st century.

The announcement comes on the heels of the announcement of a $20 million contract with Becton Dickinson to provide cleaning robots to some of the nation’s largest banks.

Microsoft is working with banks and other financial institutions to develop a suite of cleaning machines that can help automate customer banking.

CleanRoom is one of several Microsoft services being rolled out in the U.S. as part of the company ‘s $1.5 trillion plan to expand its cloud computing infrastructure.

A $20M contract with Citigroup to provide clean robot serviceThe Microsoft CleanRoom service is one example of how the company aims to help automate banking operations in the financial services industry, where automation has been a major concern for many.

Microsoft has been working with Citibank to provide its own version of the CleanRoom robot to its customers, including Citigroup.

The service has been in use for about three years, with more than 50,000 customers, Microsoft said in a blog post.

The service, which can clean up $1 trillion worth of cash, has also been used by many banks to remove money from accounts and send it to a bank vault for a clean-up.

Citibank said the clean robot is one tool the company uses to make banking more efficient.

The company is using CleanRoom in its own banking systems, and Citibanks own machines, for example, are using the software to scan bank documents and determine whether they need to be returned to the customer, the bank said in its blog post .

Microsoft’s new CleanRoom robots have been installed at some of its facilities, including its offices in Redmond, Washington, and in Atlanta.

Microsoft has also partnered with Citipower, an Atlanta-based company that offers cleaning robots, to deliver them to the company.

Citipower is also in the process of rolling out a service that will help customers clean their own office spaces.

This is part of a larger effort to bring a new generation, dubbed ‘clean office’ to all the US banks, according to Microsoft.

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