‘It’s a lot like being a kid again’ – a ‘fantastic experience’

It’s been nearly three years since Polygon first published this article, and it feels like we’re at the end of it.

The story of one of the most significant, important, and deeply emotional moments in video game history is in the making.

So what is it?

And what does it mean?

We’ve spent a year and a half tracking down the stories behind the events that led to this day, and the people who made them.

In that time, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves, the industry, and gaming.

As we’ve spent the past few days with the people involved in the story, we thought we’d share some of the lessons we’ve learnt.

As this is the first time I’ve ever been part of the Polygon story, it’s going to be a fascinating ride.

What is the story?

What happened?

In the late ’90s, video games were still a fledgling medium.

A decade later, the video game industry was on the cusp of becoming one of gaming’s most important cultural institutions.

In 1991, Atari launched its first console, the Atari 2600.

Atari and its Atari 2600 gaming console revolutionized video games, bringing new types of gameplay and the possibility of the sort of intimate and personal interactions many people hadn’t seen before.

Atari’s groundbreaking console also ushered in the dawn of the personal computer (PC), and in the years that followed, the game industry blossomed with games for every conceivable form.

In 1994, the first major gaming tournament came to be known as the International Video Game Championships (IDGC), and within a year, there were hundreds of millions of dollars in prize money at stake.

A year later, it was also the year when the first commercial video game, Doom, was released.

The first real video game company, id Software, would also enter the scene in 1994, as would Sega, who would later become a major force in the world of video games.

The years would go on, and by 1995, video game sales were approaching $100 billion.

Meanwhile, Atari would release its first game, the original Atari 2600, in 1996.

In early 1996, Atari announced that it had been acquired by Sega.

A few years later, in 1998, a new generation of consoles would emerge: the Nintendo 64, the Sega Dreamcast, and then, more recently, the Sony PlayStation 3.

While it’s easy to focus on the big picture, there’s a ton of history that goes into the current state of the video games industry today.

We’ll be diving deeper into some of those stories in a moment, but first, let’s talk about what happened that day.

What did it mean for the industry?

As the first big game company to enter the industry with a console, Atari was at the top of its game.

It was the first to put a console in your hands, and when you opened the box, you could feel how much you wanted the game to be.

It’s a feeling many people associate with a first-person shooter, a shooter with a lot of guns.

But for the first few years, this wasn’t just about a shooter.

People had played a lot more shooters, and many of them were very popular.

In the early days of video game consoles, most consoles were essentially games, and as the hardware got bigger, it became easier and easier to create a game for that console.

But as the games themselves grew in size and complexity, the hardware started to get increasingly harder to program.

As the hardware grew larger, it also got increasingly difficult to develop new features for the hardware.

As games got more complex, the need for a second layer of software to support them grew larger.

The biggest obstacle was the fact that the software that developers used to build games was incredibly limited.

The Atari 2600 was the culmination of the development of the first true console, and there was nothing new to offer.

The most popular games in the Atari era were games like Pac-Man, Asteroids, and Asteroids II, which were built by people who had a lot less programming experience than the average programmer.

Atari also had a handful of other consoles in its catalogue that were more of an experiment, but there was still a lot they could learn.

Atari was still working on a game called Space Invaders, which was designed as a family of games that could be played by two to four people.

The Space Invaders game, released in 1994.

The next big thing in video games was the release of the PlayStation 2 in 1999.

The PS2 was designed with a specific purpose: to take advantage of the PS2’s superior hardware to bring people together in a virtual space.

It took two years to make the first PS2 game, and that first game was Space Invaders.

Space Invaders wasn’t exactly the most exciting game to make, but it had a great story.

The game was created by the Atari games development team

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