Chrome has been cleared from the Chrome store due to a bug

Chrome has now been cleared to return to the Chrome Store as a result of an issue with its “clean eating” recipes feature.

The feature, which was added to the browser in April 2016, allows users to use a food processor to purify the food before serving it, with a warning that the processed food may contain toxins.

The issue was reported on the developer-friendly bug tracker earlier this month.

Google is currently working on a fix that will clear the feature permanently from the store, and the company said that it will provide an update to users in the next 24 hours.

Users will still be able to use the feature, but it will require a manual approval to access.

In addition to the bug, the feature has also been reported to have a negative impact on Chrome users’ browsing experience.

The bug, which affects all versions of the browser, affects both desktop and mobile versions.

A spokesperson for the company told Engadgets that Google is aware of the issue and that it has been fixed.

“This is not a security issue and should not impact your ability to use Chrome,” the spokesperson said.

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