“Nailbait” video goes viral after nail-biting scene

On the heels of its video for the hit song “Nailed It,” MTV’s “Nails” has taken over the Internet, racking up over 30 million views since it was released last year.

The video was filmed at a local nail salon.

The camera lingers on a client’s nails and a nail polish.

While the video shows a client getting ready to go out, it ends with the camera focusing on the client’s head.

The client then pulls out his own nails and starts to scratch his own.

The song, “Nailing It,” has gone viral and the video has been watched over one million times.

“Nollies” is an alternative rap song with lyrics such as, “I’m not a niggas niggaz.

I’m not that niggazi.”

The song is being used to promote a new campaign for nail products.

The campaign features nail products that “crave the nightlife and can be found in the local beauty supply store,” MTV News reports.

The campaign is called “Nolies.

The Nightlife,” and the campaign will be featured at the National Nail Salon Convention and Benefit in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, June 29, according to a promotional video.

The National Nails Salon Convention & Benefit is a nationally renowned nail salon convention.

The convention is held annually at the Hilton Atlanta, with an average attendance of over 1,500.

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