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by David Breen, Senior Fellow for Global Policy at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.

In a September 18, 2016 report, the Center for American Progress released a study that documented the continued use of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides on farmland in the Great Plains, particularly in the Midwest.

They said:”Pesticides have become the primary tool for farmers to combat the growing threat of weeds, especially corn and soybeans.

But that trend is rapidly changing.

According to a report released today by the Center on Food Safety, farmers now use more than 100 different chemicals to control weeds on corn and other crops, including many herbicides.

They are using pesticides on over 2 million acres of corn and corn-based crops, and they are using herbicides on over 1.5 million acres.

In addition, farmers are spraying insecticides, fungicides, herbicide-tolerant herbicides and other chemicals on crops. 

The growing herbicide tolerance of corn has created a situation where farmers are using more chemicals to fight weeds than they were five years ago. “

The herbicide and pesticide use on farmland is increasing and the herbicide resistance is spreading.

The growing herbicide tolerance of corn has created a situation where farmers are using more chemicals to fight weeds than they were five years ago. 

Farmers are increasingly using pesticides and chemicals to defend against diseases like herbicide use on soybeans and corn, as well as the insecticide-resistant diseases that have emerged.

Farmers are using these herbicides to protect against pests, diseases and pests, like nematodes, which are destroying crops and livestock in some parts of the country. 

In the Great Lakes region, where the majority of the pesticide use occurs, farmers continue to use chemicals like glyphosate, dicamba, and imidacloprid on corn, soybeans, and cotton. 

A survey by the University of Illinois in 2016 found that farmers used more than 2,000 different pesticides on a total of more than 7 million acres (about 2.2 million acres).

This includes both the pesticides that farmers spray onto the land and those that farmers apply to their fields and on the soil surface.

The report added that the herbicides used to kill pests and the fungicides used on crops, such as chlorothalonil and permethrin, are used on a vast array of crops, with the combined use of all of these chemicals creating a vast, interconnected ecosystem, with weeds and disease spreading to farmers’ crops and to surrounding communities.

These pesticides have not been tested in humans.

They have been tested on animals and on humans in laboratory settings, but the toxic effects of these products have not yet been adequately studied in humans.”

The Center for Biological Diversity’s Tom Vilsack said in a statement that:”The fact that pesticides have become a major tool in the fight against weeds in the West is a result of the growing pressure on farmers to find more ways to protect their crops from disease and pests.

Farmers across the West are increasingly looking to these chemicals as a way to defend themselves against disease and pest problems and the increasing amount of pesticide use has become a serious threat to farmers, their communities, and their health.”

Anorthos is a fungicide, used to fight the diseases of the corn and cotton plants and to protect them from pests and diseases.

Its main ingredient is dicamidopropylcarbamate, or DD-PA.

Anorthopropes has a wide range of uses including insecticide and herbicide control, weed control, and crop pest control.

The use is growing as farmers increasingly rely on DD-PAMs for pest control and to fight diseases.

The use of DD-PF is a form of herbicide that can kill insects.

In the Midwest, it is used on corn as well.

The Center for Biotechnology Information estimates that DD-PGAMs have been used on more than 1.4 million acres in the United States, or 1.3 percent of the land surface. 

According to the Center’s Tom Hagen, it also has “a variety of uses” in the agricultural sector, including weed control and insecticide control.

“This includes herbicide application to control insect pests on crop fields, such that weeds are killed and other beneficial insects are killed,” he said.

An ortho review of the Great Grasslands is scheduled for September.

It will take place in the spring and will include a presentation on the effects of DDG-PA on corn.

Sources: Center for American Platform, Center on Food Safeguards, Fungi Free Earth, USGS, American Farmers Association, Iowa Farm Bureau, Monsanto, Pesticide Action Network, Hagen, Wright, Vilsack

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