The Latest: Clean Water Summit: Clean Energy Stock Picks from the Bids

Clean Water (BIDETREE) and Clean Energy (CLEAR) stocks have been on a tear over the past month, as companies look to improve their bottom lines as climate change threatens to disrupt water and air quality around the globe.

Clean Water stocks rose more than 10% from July, while Clean Energy stocks climbed more than 5% during the same time frame.

Bidetree’s stock was up more than $4,000 over the same period.

Clean Energy was up nearly 10% over the span of July.

Clean and renewable energy stocks have surged since July.

The biggest winners for clean water stocks in July were companies that have been buying into clean water and renewables.

The stocks have risen sharply in recent weeks, as some clean energy companies have pledged to invest in renewable power plants, including in California.

“Clean Water is an asset that has proven its value over the last year, and it is likely that the market will continue to move in this direction,” said Michael S. Dube, senior market analyst at Themis Trading in San Francisco.

“There is clearly a lot of room for growth and we are seeing strong demand for clean energy stocks,” Dube added.

The Clean Water, Clean Energy, and Clean Water Energy stocks rose significantly from July as investors began buying into renewable energy and renewable power projects in California and the U.S.

A number of clean energy projects have been awarded by the U,S.

Army Corps of Engineers, which has awarded projects to companies including Dow Chemical Co., Dow Chemical Inc., Duke Energy Inc., General Electric Co., and Duke Energy Corp.

The clean energy and clean water sectors have seen strong gains in the past year.

Solar power and wind power have seen gains over the course of the year, while wind power is on a record run.

A clean energy surge is likely to continue, according to SBI Research.

SBI analyst Jim Lee said there is “a clear momentum” for clean-energy growth in the U., U.K., and China.

Investors are increasingly looking at clean energy as a way to diversify portfolios.

“It’s a diversification of portfolios,” Lee said.

The solar and wind sectors have outperformed the broader energy sector in the last two years, according a recent SBI report.

The solar and clean energy sectors have also been the biggest winners in the energy sector, Lee said, as solar companies have made significant investments in new facilities and new equipment.

“Solar is in the top 10 of all of the renewable energy sectors,” Lee added.

Solar’s surge has been particularly strong in California, where solar installations have doubled since 2012.

Last year, solar power generated about 1.3% of the state’s electricity.

In July, the solar sector added about 5,700 megawatts of capacity to the grid.

Solar is also gaining momentum in the clean energy sector.

The clean energy industry has added almost 8,500 megawatts to the renewable power sector in 2017.

That’s up from about 4,500 gigawatts in 2016.

The energy sector has been a favorite target for the Trump administration as it seeks to cut regulations on clean energy, including renewable energy.

Clean energy has seen strong growth since President Donald Trump took office in January.

The Trump administration has said that it wants to cut federal and state regulations that would help create jobs, protect the environment and reduce the cost of energy.

The Trump administration’s Clean Power Plan would allow states to cap emissions from power plants.

The plan has been met with opposition by utilities and environmental groups.

In March, the Trump Administration proposed a major rulemaking to rewrite energy regulations.

The rulemaking was designed to make it easier for states to set renewable energy standards.

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