How to clean your phone using cleaning gel

This tutorial will show you how to clean and cleanse your phone with a simple gel that can help clean the dirt and dust from your phone.

This gel can be used to clean any number of surfaces, including:In a photo from the company’s website, you can see how this gel cleans out the dust, dirt, and dirt particles from the front, back, and sides of the phone.

The cleaning gel is not a permanent solution that lasts forever, but it will work for a short period of time and will remove dirt and dirt-like particles that can cause scratches.

You’ll need to make sure you remove any debris from your home and away from children to keep it from getting on your phone, so don’t put it on a child while playing with it.

Here’s how you can use this cleaning gel:Fill the small bowl with a small amount of the cleaning gel.

Then pour some of the gel on the phone and wipe the dust off.

Once the dust is gone, take a small handful of the dust and wipe off on the other side.

The gel will also help you remove the dirt particles that could be hiding under your phone or the phone case.

If you want to clean the phone itself, simply wipe the phone clean with a damp cloth.

You can wash the phone, too, and wash it with a dry towel.

Once you’ve washed the phone thoroughly, rinse it with clean water.

This is because a lot of dirt is left behind when you wipe your phone clean, so you want it to be completely clean to begin with.

If your phone has a cracked screen or a chip on the back, try to wipe it clean to make it look like you’ve wiped it clean.

You may want to use a damp towel to remove all the dirt that can get under the screen or chip, as well.

This cleaning gel works best if you use a soft cloth or a disposable toothbrush, which is what I did in this tutorial.

If not, use a tissue or a paper towel to wipe the surface of the screen clean with and wipe away any remaining dirt.

If you don’t want to worry about any potential scratches on your device, you don,t need to use the cleaning solution.

You just need to wipe away the dirt from your device and any dust that might be left behind.

If there are any dust particles that have stuck on the screen, simply rub them away with a soft brush and then wipe the entire screen clean.

This step will remove any dust from the surface and ensure that your device is completely clean.

The cleaning gel will last for about one week, so there’s no need to rinse it.

It’s a very easy way to clean a phone, even if you don

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