4 New York City restaurants open on Valentine’s Day

A group of four restaurants in New York will open on New Year’s Eve on Valentine Day.

The restaurants are in the Chelsea neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Alyssa Rennie, a partner in the marketing firm J.R. Rennies and Associates, says the restaurants, which include the Italian restaurant La Bourse and the Italian-American restaurant La Calazza, will be open on Sunday.

They’re also opening with a new menu.

“We’re taking it to a whole new level,” Rennic says.

The four restaurants will offer different menu items.

La Calazzza is serving pizza and pasta and the rest of the menu includes salads, sandwiches and desserts.

La Botega is offering sandwiches and salads, burgers and steaks, pasta, and dessert.

The menus are available online, and the menus are subject to change.

In addition to the four restaurants, New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority has been opening several lines to the area, allowing passengers to get out and explore.

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