How to Get Free Uber, Lyft, and UberX in Houston

Houston, TX (BBR) – Houston, the home of the Houston Rockets, has become a hotbed for Uber, which just announced it will open a new branch in the city next week.

Uber will be launching in the City of Industry this Friday with the opening of its first Houston-area UberX app.

UberX will be accessible through Uber’s smartphone app and through its mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Uber launched in Houston in May and plans to open a second branch in Houston and Dallas in the coming weeks.

In addition, Uber is expanding its service in the Dallas area, which is expected to open in the second half of 2019.

Houston is a city with a lot of competition, and the Houston UberX and Lyft service could help attract more users to the UberX service.

In fact, in the first half of 2020, the Houston and Austin UberX services each grew by 15 percent and 4 percent, respectively.

Uber has already opened three Houston locations in the last year, but these two will open their first Houston locations later this year.

The new Houston location will be the second UberX branch in this area, the company announced in a statement.

Uber and Lyft both have plans to expand their services in the Houston area, but only UberX is currently available in Houston.

Uber’s expansion into Houston will be interesting to see, but we won’t have an actual look at how this will play out until it officially launches its Houston branch later this month.

We’ll keep you updated on all things Uber, as well as Lyft.

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