Dental care has a clean zone review

Dental professionals are being urged to keep a clean mind when making decisions about whether or not to have dental work performed on their patients.

The Dental Association of New Jersey (DANJ) announced Friday it will be providing guidelines for the health care profession on whether to perform dental work on someone.

The organization, which represents over 1,000 dentists, has created an “advisory committee” to examine whether dental work is safe and whether the practice is appropriate in the context of patient care, according to a news release.

The committee is chaired by the chairwoman of the DANJ and is comprised of members of the medical profession, dentists and allied professionals.

The advisory committee will meet once a month to review the practices of dental professionals in the state and advise them on what to do when they see signs of potential harm to patients.

It will also have the power to call for more information about dental work that may have gone unreported.DANj also will create an online tool that will let consumers, especially those who have been diagnosed with cancer, talk about their experience with dental care, whether or NOT they want to have a dental work done, and how to help.

If consumers want to get a better understanding of the issue and seek more information, they can contact the DANSJ online site at or by calling 1-800-843-7772.

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