Why do cats poop everywhere?

A recent post on Reddit revealed the cat poop problem and why it’s happening to humans.

“There is a big difference between a cat poop and a human poop,” Reddit user Cepheus asked in a thread that received over 20,000 upvotes.

In a post that made it to Hacker News, Cepheyus explained that “cats poop is more like a liquid, and not the solid stuff you’d find in a person’s poop.”

He also shared some advice on cleaning up the mess: “You can wipe the cat’s poop off with a damp rag or even just a towel, but if you have to use soap, use soap that has some sort of scent.

If you can get your hands on some sort, you can also scrub it with a cotton ball.

Cats don’t like to lick their balls, so they need to lick them, which is the most efficient way of cleaning them.”

The Reddit user added that cats also need to be cleaned up with a shampoo or body scrub, which can be found on Amazon for about $8.

When it comes to cleaning up your cat’s feces, Cephheyus recommended:

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