What’s the latest on the latest gun control debate?

Updated Aug. 24, 2018 11:08:22A renewed debate over gun control in Washington and around the country continues.

But with Democrats controlling both chambers and the presidency, gun control is not as high on the agenda as in recent years.

The National Rifle Association on Monday took to the campaign trail to urge Americans to vote in the midterm elections.

The organization, founded by former gun rights advocate Adam Frank, has spent millions of dollars on advertisements and TV spots in battleground states.

It has also called for a ban on assault weapons, even though the NRA says the weapons are largely responsible for mass shootings in recent decades.

“This is a moment to act and demand action,” said Frank, a former White House political director.

“We’re going to do everything we can to help this fight happen.”

In some states, including California, Washington and New York, gun rights supporters are gearing up for a midterm election battle in which the Democrats have control of the legislature.

But others are trying to keep the focus on gun control and the election, which has a large percentage of voters who are gun owners.

In California, Republican Gov.

Jerry Brown is running in the November election against Democratic Rep. Ed Hernandez.

A CBS News/ YouGov poll released Monday showed Brown leading Hernandez 47 percent to 41 percent.

The poll had an error margin of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

In Washington state, Republican Lt.


Gavin Newsom, a vocal opponent of gun control, is running for a second term in office against Democrat Patty Murray.

Newsom’s campaign has said he would appoint an independent commission to review the state’s gun laws.

The NRA has said it would be “absolutely” up for the task of holding a vote on gun restrictions if there was a Democratic president.

But in the past, the group has said the fight for gun control should be between Democrats and Republicans.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, right, stands with supporters at a campaign rally in Louisville, Ky., on June 8.

The organization has also pushed back against President Barack Obama, who is in office and wants to reduce gun violence, saying he doesn’t understand the NRA’s goals.

In his inaugural address, Obama called for more gun control.

He promised to use his executive authority to close loopholes in gun laws, require background checks and tighten restrictions on ammunition sales.

But the NRA has warned the president against the same proposals, saying they will only lead to more violence.

In recent weeks, the organization has begun pushing for tougher gun restrictions in the wake of the December killing of 20 children and six adults in Connecticut by a mentally ill gunman who was able to get his hands on a semiautomatic rifle and a semi-automatic handgun.

The shootings prompted a wave of gun bans and background checks that were supposed to go into effect in the spring of 2017.

But the president was unable to sign them into law.

In addition to tighter gun laws in the weeks leading up to the elections, the NRA is pushing for tighter gun control measures across the country, including stricter gun restrictions on college campuses, gun safety laws and gun restrictions at airports and other locations.

In a letter to senators Monday, the advocacy group said there is a “danger of further gun violence” and called for action to “make the next generation of Americans secure in the knowledge that their government will not turn their back on them.”

The NRA also called on senators to call for tougher restrictions on gun shows and on guns in cars.

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