Apple wins US Supreme Court ruling on antitrust case

Apple has won the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that the company’s iTunes Match service infringes on two other competing services.

Apple’s $1.9 billion claim against rival music service Rdio is a “historic victory for consumers,” according to the Supreme Court on Monday.

The court said that the software giant’s Rdio service “will not only enable users to download their music and music videos from iTunes, but will also enable customers to download and stream music and audio from their Apple devices to Apple’s servers,” according the court.

Apple will pay $1 billion in damages, which is less than the $7.6 billion it was seeking in an antitrust case.

The justices also ruled that a third competitor, Rdio competitor Grooveshark, has not infringed on Apple’s iTunes match.

The appeals court said Groovishark’s service is “designed for casual and home users and does not provide the benefits of iTunes Match,” according a report from the New York Times.

Groovesharks service is currently available only to subscribers of Apple Music, and only through Apple devices.

Grooveshark was a free music service available through iTunes Match.

The companies dispute a $3.5 billion claim by Inc. and five other Internet service providers, saying the online retailer’s free streaming service infringed Apple’s patents.

The three-judge panel of the Supreme Judicial Court, the highest court in the land, also rejected a request by the U,S.

Patent and Trademark Office to review Apple’s case against Groovs.

Grooveharks said the court rejected its request for a preliminary injunction and that it will file a petition for a final injunction in 2018.

The case was one of several filed against Apple and other technology companies in the past year by antitrust groups, who have charged that they are blocking competitors from competing on a level playing field by stifling competition and blocking rivals from offering services that consumers can use to access the Internet.

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