Clear Air has over $3B in real cash in the bank after real-time TV review

Clear Air, which has raised $3.5 billion in venture capital, said Tuesday it had more than $3 billion in cash in its account at its Chicago headquarters.

It’s a milestone for the airline and the venture capital firm behind it, which had been struggling to raise capital for its first year in operation.

It also marks the first time Clear Air’s cash has exceeded $3bn in one day.

The news comes just days after the company said it had raised $5.8 billion in new funding, bringing its total funding to more than half a billion dollars.

That makes Clear Air the largest airline in the United States to raise outside capital.

The announcement comes as many airlines are trying to find new ways to boost their revenues, particularly for the first quarter after the financial year ends.

Last week, Delta said it plans to invest $1 billion in its aircraft leasing business and will spend about $600 million more on the jetliner program next year.

Delta is also ramping up its fleet of new aircraft, including the 737 Max that will compete against Airbus A320neo jets.

The company has said it is working on a $2 billion plan to build its fleet by 2019, but it didn’t detail how it will do that.

Last month, JetBlue Airways also said it would add to its fleet with the new 777 Max, but that it would use more than 1,000 Boeing 737 Maxs.

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