Alessandro Costacurta: I want to be the best at my job

With Alessandro “Lazio’s” Antonio Cassano’s long-term future uncertain, the Italian midfielder is determined to win back the ball with an attacking style that suits him.

The 28-year-old is a big fan of attacking football, and believes that a good attacking style is important for Italy.

He believes that he is a good fit for Italy’s style, and has said that he wants to be a “world-class” player in order to have a good career.

Lazios boss Carlo Ancelotti has said he believes that it is up to the player himself to adapt and develop as he goes, but the former Chelsea and Inter man also believes that the best way to become a world-class player is to have an attacking mentality.

The midfielder believes that his attacking style suits him as he is quick, powerful, and versatile, but also that he can use his speed and physicality to make the ball go in the box, and in order for his team-mates to win the ball back, he also has to play well.

Cassano has not been at his best, however, in recent months.

He has not played as much as he should, has scored fewer goals, and his performance on the pitch has not always been as good as he might like.

The club is confident that this will change, and is looking forward to seeing how his performance plays out during the first part of the season.

Lacqua has played for three different clubs in Serie A, and he has won a total of four caps for Italy, which is not too far from the record for a player to play for three clubs.

However, he has also been involved in several controversies in Italy.

Last year, Lazio were fined €10 million for an illegal contract with an ex-club.

In the summer, Lazios captain Fabio Quagliarella was found guilty of abuse of office after he used homophobic slurs towards a member of the media.LACQUA, the former Lazio defender, told L’Equipe that he was not surprised that the club are now looking at the possibility of him joining the club.

He said: “It is normal that the clubs want to sign players that can make the team more competitive.

But, I believe that I am capable of doing it.

It is a positive step in my career.

I have been able to show that I can score goals.

The other players in the squad are good players, and I can be a part of that team.

That is why I think it is important that this step can be taken.”

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