How to Stop the Trump Administration from Killing The Iran Nuclear Deal

A month after the President signed the Iran Nuclear Agreement (AIN), the President has said he will sign another agreement with Iran that could significantly increase sanctions on the country.

The Senate is considering an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would add sanctions on Iran if it fails to comply with the terms of the agreement.

The amendment would require the president to notify Congress within 24 hours of any change in sanctions.

The White House says the Senate is seeking a bipartisan compromise, and the White House is seeking the support of both parties in the Senate.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a member of the Armed Services Committee, has introduced the amendment, which is expected to pass.

Graham says the legislation would be “federalistic,” and would give the president more flexibility in how he uses the National Security Council’s authority under the National Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (NFISA) and the Presidential Policy Directive for Foreign Operations.

The NDAA provides a mechanism for the president, through the NSC, to respond to threats to national security or foreign policy.

The law has been used by presidents for more than a decade to respond when they suspect the nation faces a threat.

In 2013, President Obama signed an NDAA that included a clause that allowed the president the power to take military action without Congressional approval.

It also included a provision that allows the president in exceptional circumstances to seek Congressional approval before attacking a nation.

The Trump administration says that its use of the NDAA would give it greater flexibility to respond in a variety of circumstances, including against a country that is conducting a covert nuclear weapons program.

The administration has also argued that it could respond to an Iranian attack in an emergency situation, and said it would be more difficult for Congress to overturn its actions.

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