California’s new state flag: Why it matters

The California State Flag of the Future is finally here.

The bill that Gov.

Gavin Newsom and the Legislature passed last year requires that the state flag be red, white and blue.

But it was unclear whether the blue color would stand in contrast to the red of the state’s capital, where the state capital is white and the Capitol is red.

Now, the legislature has created a draft that has been made public and released to the public.

The proposal to add a blue state flag was first discussed in the House Judiciary Committee last year.

The Senate passed it unanimously in March.

“Our blue flag should represent our state and our people,” Newsom said at the time.

The Senate bill also required the state to include an “inclusive” phrase in the state motto: “One California.”

That’s a phrase that refers to all Californians, regardless of race, creed, gender or ethnicity.

It would not be limited to “all” Californians.

The final bill is expected to be submitted to the Assembly on Thursday, and Newsom plans to introduce it as soon as possible.

“We’ve been working for this flag for a long time,” Newsome said in a news conference after the vote.

“I believe that the California flag should reflect our state, our people, and our history.

We’re going to put our best foot forward to make that happen.”

Newsom and his legislative colleagues were also quick to say that the red, blue and white stripes will not replace the current state flag.

“The current flag is a white, blue, and white flag that represents the state and its people,” Assemblyman Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles) said.

“The blue stripe is to represent the blue state and to represent California, to honor the people of California, and to honor our state.”

Assemblywoman Linda Horner (D – San Francisco) said that the proposed blue flag “remains a symbol of California’s unity and strength and represents California as the beacon of hope in the heart of the world.”

“The red and white stripe is a statement that represents California’s diversity and the strength of our state,” she said.

“What the bill does is show that we want to honor all of California and not just one California,” she added.

“It will be an inclusive flag and a state flag that will represent all Californias diversity and strength.”

The red flag will represent California’s heritage, and the blue will represent the diversity of our citizens and our state.

Newsom promised that the flag would “remain an iconic symbol of the State of California.”

“We want to make sure the flag is representative of all Californian’s and the people’s love for California,” Newsoma said.

Newsom is expected on Thursday to unveil the new blue flag at a ceremony that will include a state-of-the-art red carpet.

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