How to use your cleo shelbys to clean up the kitchen

Cleo shelbys are one of those items that you have to have on hand for at least the first few days of your new home.

They are great for cleaning up the messes left behind by a busy household. 

They are cheap, versatile and they come in a range of colours, from cream to teal.

You can also use them as a table, a counter top or as a dining table.

You should definitely make sure you get the cleo shackle that is specifically for this purpose, as it is a special item.

You’ll want to pick one that is available in a variety of colours that are suitable for your household, as well as a length that fits comfortably on the shelves.

You don’t want to buy a cleo that is too big.

If you buy a big cleo, the space it takes up on the countertop will be too big for you to use it for a table or dining table, and you’ll also have to buy an extra cleo to make the table look like a kitchen table.

To clean up, use a kitchen sponge and clean your shelf by placing it on a sink or bowl, then wiping off the sponge with a towel.

You also need to make sure the cleos have been cleaned.

After you’ve cleaned the shelf, you should make sure it has been thoroughly rinsed to remove any remaining debris. 

When you’ve washed the shelf you can use a dishwasher to rinse it thoroughly.

You will also need a cleaning pad to apply a gentle, non-toxic, dry cleaning product, such as Cleo’s Cleaning Pad.

Once it has dried, you can also wipe the shelf dry with a clean cloth.

You do need to ensure that you don’t remove the top layer of the clees from the kitchen or the sink before washing.

Once the clea is dried, simply rinse it off with a water-based detergent, and then wash again with soap and water.

To get rid of any residue left behind, simply wipe the area with a damp cloth, and wipe the residue off with your hand afterwards.

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