How to fix a $50-billion, 4-year-old car industry problem

Cars are now getting a new look.

But, according to one company, the company behind the new cars will be facing a $5.5-billion deficit in the coming years.

The company, Nissan, announced the new car design for the Japanese automaker will be known as the Leaf, after the name of the first-ever Leaf.

But Nissan has had a long history of making cars with different designs, and the new Leaf is expected to be the most radical change to its lineup.

Nissan is taking the opportunity to showcase its new cars to the world.

The cars are expected to have new designs, like a roof-mounted sunroof that could be used to save on fuel costs.

They will also have the new, electric-powered version of the Nissan Leaf.

The redesigned vehicles will cost about $35,000.

The Japanese automaking giant will sell the cars in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia, with the first model expected to go on sale next year.

It is unclear how many of the cars will get the new styling.

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