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The most powerful SSD you can buy, the Samsung SSD 840 Pro.

The 840 Pro is the newest SSD, launched by Samsung in 2015, but it’s also the cheapest.

The drive offers performance comparable to that of the 960 Pro, but without the price premium.

This is where things get interesting.

Samsung’s 840 Pro uses the company’s own caching software, called M.2, and the SSD is made of its own die.

The 830 Pro uses a 3D-sensing technology called Flash, which is essentially a memory-management technique.

The Samsung 840 Pro SSD is the fastest SSD you’ll find for under $500.

If you’re looking for a solid choice, it’s not going to disappoint.

Pros: Uses a Samsung SSD, and its own caching technology, M.20, allows for quicker boot times Cons: SSDs have higher prices, but the 840 Pro’s 830Pro SSD is cheaper.

SSD prices will likely continue to fall for years to come.

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