How to clean your converse shoes

If you don’t want to take a trip to a shoe shop to clean the tread of your sneakers, there are many alternatives.

If you can afford it, you can replace the rubber on your shoes with a cheaper, but also more durable material.

But these methods, which have been proven effective in the past, can take time to master.

So here are six ways to make sure your conks are as clean as they can be. 1.

Spray the sole of your shoe with a diluted vinegar solution.

This will remove any grease and grease residue that may have accumulated on your shoe.2.

Use a shoe brush and scrub your sole with a cloth dipped in the vinegar solution and then wipe off the excess.3.

Apply the vinegar-based shoe polish to the heel and heel edge.

You may also want to use a pair of scissors to gently remove any loose threads from the rubber, but these will be difficult to remove.4.

Rinse your shoes in a solution of vinegar and water.

It’s important to wash the shoes after use.5.

After washing, dry the shoes with the shoe brush, and let them dry for at least three hours.

After the shoes have dried, you’ll want to put them in a bag for storage or store them in the dryer.6.

Clean out the holes in the sole with vinegar, and then use a nail file to remove any excess material.

If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative to cleaning your shoes, there is a more expensive, but equally effective alternative to using the vinegar.

This method uses an acetone-based cleaner.

You can buy acetone for about $10 a bottle at a shoe store, and it’s easy to clean.

However, it can stain shoes, and acetone is less stable than vinegar.

Instead, you may want to buy a cleaner that has a much lower pH.

You could also consider buying a solvent to use as an aceto-based cleaning solution.

The solvent can remove stains, but it also can cause odors and fumes.

If that’s a concern, consider using a solvent that doesn’t contain acetone.

You should also take into consideration the type of cleaner you’re using.

Some cleaners have acetone as the base material, which will keep them from drying out and making the cleaner less effective.

If your cleaner contains acetone, you should be able to use it in a similar way.

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