Alabama gets more peepholes, more cameras in public spaces

Alabama is going in a completely different direction than California.

This year, state lawmakers passed a law to allow for a third-party company to install peephole cameras at public parks and in public places, including parks with outdoor pools.

This means that park patrons will have to actually take the time to walk up to their own peep holes before they can see what’s happening behind the cameras.

But they won’t be able to use them as a public-safety tool, as the cameras won’t have a live feed, meaning they won and won’t get to see how many peep-holes there are.

(The first peep hole to be installed in Alabama was installed in 2017.)

Instead, they’ll have to wait for the third-parties to install a peep mirror, which is not a feature of most third- party peep systems.

“This bill does not create a third party,” the bill reads.

“It merely creates a third option, one that is not available from a thirdparty.”

So, the new law will allow for park patrons to have a third peep spot, but only if they’re willing to install one of the third parties.

This is an important distinction, and the bill goes into more detail on how this will work in the law.

The bill also specifies that anyone who wants to install an unauthorized peep on their property will have a $500 fine, and anyone who tries to install unauthorized peeps on their own property will be charged a $1,000 fine.

This, of course, will only apply to parks and playgrounds, where park patrons are responsible for keeping their peepers out of sight.

So, you’ll still need to take the steps to ensure that you don’t have unauthorized peeper systems installed on your property.

You’ll also need to follow the same precautions as if you were actually on the peep.

“In order to avoid the possibility of being prosecuted for the offense of peeping, a park will not install unauthorized security cameras in its facilities or in public areas,” the law reads.

But the law will still require park patrons with a peeper system to install it on their peeper itself.

The new law has not yet been enacted.

The next step for Alabama will be a vote in the Alabama Legislature on the bill.

As of Tuesday, lawmakers had not taken a position on the matter, according to The Hill.

The Alabama Department of Public Safety is still working to finalize the bill, according an email from the department.

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