How to clean up your campground after a landslide

The lake in Clear Lake is being cleaned up after a huge landslide left its shoreline strewn with thousands of boulders, according to the Clear Lake Fire Department.

The area is located just west of the town of Fairbanks, Alaska.

The Clear Lake campground sits on a bluff that’s currently protected by sandbags, according the Alaska Dispatch News.

A nearby resident told the AP that the lake had been a favorite spot for families since its foundation in the 1800s.

But this year’s landslide occurred on March 9, and crews are now trying to remove boulders that are still stuck on the shoreline.

This is the third landslide in a few weeks at the campground.

A landslide also occurred in December, and in March, it washed away a fence.

The campground’s site plan states that the area will be open for visitors and the public until March 9.

The Lake Campground is currently closed for the remainder of the season.

Read more about the landslide at Alaska

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