Obama: Obama won’t give up on the Keystone XL pipeline

President Barack Obama on Thursday said he doesn’t want to give up the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline project, but that it’s not on the table at this time.

“We’re not going to get into a position where we say, ‘Well, we’re not gonna go forward with it, but I think it’s important that we address the climate crisis in a way that’s going to allow us to make investments in a future where we can be better prepared for this future,” Obama said.

“There’s a process that we’ve got to go through, but it’s a complicated process.

And we’re going to have to be thoughtful about it, and we’re also going to need to make sure that we do it in a fair way.”

Obama said that in his final year in office he’s confident that we’re on track to be able to meet the climate goals that he set for the U.S. as president.

“I’m hopeful that we’ll be able, in the final year of my presidency, we can meet the goals that I set for our country,” he said.

Obama’s comments come just a week after President Donald Trump announced his decision to halt the project.

“The United States has made tremendous progress in the last five years on climate change, and the Paris Agreement is the first step towards that,” Trump said in a tweet.

“It is now time to put the final touches on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other agreements to protect American jobs and protect American sovereignty.”

The pipeline, which is slated to carry tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada, to refineries in Texas, Texas, New Mexico and California, is being built under the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline project, which would carry Alberta oil from Canada’s tar sands to refiners in New Brunswick, Canada.

Obama is expected to announce the pipeline’s construction on Monday.

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