What to know about the NHL’s new “freeze-in” policy

NHL fans will soon have a free choice about when they can pick up their frozen food, and they’ll have the opportunity to shop at any of the NHL Stores that will accept it.

The NHL announced today that the stores will be accepting all ice and other items including frozen vegetables and fruit, and will also have an ice-free zone, so fans can pick and choose what they want to eat before heading to the rink.

The stores will remain open, however, with the exception of one in the United Kingdom, where they’ll be closed from Wednesday until March 1.

The decision to close them in the U.K. was due to the government shutdown.

The ice-inning policy will be in effect from March 1 through April 16.

There are no restrictions on ice or food on the ice.

While fans have been able to pick and shop for food, the league says they will be limited to items that are only allowed at the stores, not on the field.

Fans will have to purchase food in advance through the league’s online store or at participating stores.

Food and beverage sales are free to fans who have purchased food or beverages through the NHL Store website or by phone or e-mail.

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