How to avoid getting banned on Reddit (and get a good karma score)

By now, you probably know that there are many people out there who are actively trying to get banned from Reddit.

They are not only trying to be as obnoxious as possible, but they also want to show off their “nerdiness”. 

There is a huge community of people who are looking to make a name for themselves on Reddit.

This is also the perfect place to get a nice karma score. 

One of the biggest benefits of having a nice score on Reddit is that you can use it to get promoted, get noticed, and even get a position in your company. 

So let’s take a look at how to make your score go from being a minor nuisance to being a major advantage. 

Getting a nice Karma Score (4-stars) 1.

Learn how to write a good Reddit post 2.

Learn about the community 3.

Learn to be a bit of a dick 4.

Learn a bit about yourself 5.

Make a new post 6.

Learn the rules of Reddit 7.

Make the Reddit post (but not the whole thread) 8.

Ask someone for a recommendation of your favorite subreddits 9.

Use the Reddit community to share some Reddit-specific advice 10.

Share a picture of yourself in your Reddit post 11.

Share your Reddit comment (but no one will see it) 12.

Reply to someone who is commenting on your Reddit posting 13.

Reply with a link to a blog post that someone is talking about 14.

Reply when someone else comments on your post 15.

Make an image with your Reddit username 16.

Ask for an invitation to a community event 17.

Ask a friend to participate in a community service service (like reading a Reddit article or a community forum) 18.

Participate in a Reddit AMA 19.

Respond to a comment with a screenshot of your Reddit profile picture 20.

Reply in the comments section of a Reddit post 21.

Get a link from Reddit to an article about a topic you’re passionate about 22.

Ask your friends for advice on how to use Reddit 23.

Ask an AMA guest to help you with a specific problem 24.

Create an AMA post (without actually asking for advice) 25.

Respond with a photo of yourself or your friends with the subreddit you’re interested in 26.

Make your own subreddit post 27.

Reply a link with your username on Reddit 28.

Ask another person for advice about Reddit 29.

Comment on a Reddit discussion 30.

Ask some other Reddit users to participate (for example, to make you a friend) 31.

Ask other Redditers to contribute to a Reddit topic 32.

Reply on a post with your own comments (no one will be able to see what you said) 33.

Share on Reddit when you get a Reddit gold badge 34.

Use Reddit as a way to get noticed 35.

Make someone laugh by responding to a link posted by another Reddit user 36.

Reply someone’s comment on your profile 37.

Reply your own comment 38.

Reply another Reddit comment with your reply 39.

Comment about another Reddit post 40.

Reply the content of another Reddit thread 41.

Comment a link on a blog or Reddit post 42.

Reply directly to another Reddit question 43.

Reply direct to a subreddit post 44.

Reply at a Reddit question with a video (but you can also share a link) 45.

Reply within a minute of someone else’s question 46.

Comment directly to a friend’s question 47.

Reply immediately to a user’s question 48.

Comment right away 49.

Reply right away 50.

Reply instantly 51.

Reply soon after someone else says something on Reddit 52.

Reply very quickly (within an hour) 53.

Reply every day 54.

Reply whenever you have a chance 55.

Reply frequently 56.

Reply as often as you like 57.

Reply before a big event like a Reddit marathon or Reddit AMA 58.

Reply if you are invited to Reddit on a regular basis 59.

Reply during a Reddit livestream 60.

Reply once every few days 61.

Reply just as often 62.

Reply often when you have time 63.

Reply from a YouTube video 64.

Reply more than once every day 65.

Reply anywhere you can 66.

Reply after you have finished your Reddit AMA 67.

Reply any time you like 68.

Reply multiple times 69.

Reply only after you’ve finished Reddit 69.

Ask about Reddit on your podcast 70.

Ask Reddit questions with your favorite podcast hosts 71.

Ask on Reddit at the airport 72.

Ask in front of an audience 73.

Ask during a Facebook Live session 74.

Reply anytime you have something to say 75.

Ask questions on Reddit 76.

Reply and reply directly to your Reddit comments 77.

Reply personally 78.

Reply anonymously 79.

Reply for free on Reddit 80.

Reply via email 81.

Reply privately 82.

Reply through Reddit 83.

Reply without using Reddit 84.

Reply using a personal blog or subreddit 85.

Reply by PM 86.

Reply publicly 87.

Reply public 88.

Reply here 87.

Answer questions directly 89.

Reply online 90.

Reply off Reddit 91.

Reply outside of Reddit 92

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