Why are the iPhone 5S and 5C still out of stock?

The latest batch of iPhones has a new camera, the latest software, and new hardware.

But it’s still a few months away.

We’re not expecting any major new features for those models.

But here are our favorite new iPhone 5s and 5Cs.


The iPhone 5C and 5S Plus have a new design The 5C has the same look as the previous generation but has a larger screen, a higher resolution, and a new “sprint” button.

The 5S has a more modern look, but the camera looks a bit less modern.

The top of the phone is also taller, but that’s mostly cosmetic.


Apple has revamped the FaceTime HD camera Apple has tweaked its FaceTime camera to add a new feature.

It uses a combination of sensors to detect faces and make them visible on the screen, instead of the usual depth camera.

That means you can see more detail and more details than before.

It also means you get better photos.


The camera app gets better With FaceTime and FaceID, you can now take more photos.

Face ID can’t do face recognition, but it can recognize your face and automatically upload a photo to iCloud.

The new FaceTime app adds new features to the camera app: you can take more pictures, use a wider field of view, and more complex filters.


FaceID can automatically detect faces If you have the latest version of FaceID and use it with a phone, the app can automatically recognize your facial features.

For example, if you’re using the new Face ID for FaceTime, the new app can detect your nose, mouth, and eyes, and upload the photo to the cloud.

The app can even identify your hair and make a face mask out of it. 5.

You can take photos even when the phone’s battery is low This feature isn’t new, but Apple said it’s a welcome change.

The old app only could tell you when the battery was low.

But now, you get the ability to take photos that are stored in the cloud when you’re charging.

The feature also works with iPhones with built-in batteries, so you don’t have to worry about dropping them.


Apple’s iOS 7 update includes an updated app The latest version will include an updated camera app.


You don’t need a SIM card for FaceID If you already have FaceID on your phone, you don-t need a Face ID SIM card.


FaceTime will work with iOS 7’s new camera feature If you use the new camera on an iPhone 6S or newer, you’ll be able to use FaceTime on the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6, too.


FacePass support has been added to FaceID The FacePass feature is now available on FaceID.


Apple also revamped its iCloud Photo Library Apple said that FaceTime is now a lot better at saving photos than it was before.

Photos can be organized in different categories, like your favorite photos, photos you took at different times, or photos you’ve shared on Facebook.

You’ll be better able to see which photos have more recent or favorite photos in your photo library.

You will also be able create a “favorite photo” photo from photos you already own, if there are any.

And you’ll get more options for tagging photos in iCloud Photos, like making the photo private.

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