Apple wins US Supreme Court ruling on antitrust case

Apple has won the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that the company’s iTunes Match service infringes on two other competing services.Apple’s $1.9 billion claim against rival music service Rdio is a “historic victory for consumers,” according to the Supreme Court on Monday.The court said that the software giant’s Rdio service “will not only enable users to […]

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This is a monster high cleomie for you

Monster High Cleo has been doing what they do best and getting their customers to buy more than ever before.They’re getting the nail polish brand’s new high-end polish, a high-performance gel highlighter, and a highlady gel high-lady nail polish.The gel highlights are called “Cherry Bomb” and the nail highlighters are called, of course, “High Roller.”While […]

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What’s the latest on the latest gun control debate?

Updated Aug. 24, 2018 11:08:22A renewed debate over gun control in Washington and around the country continues.But with Democrats controlling both chambers and the presidency, gun control is not as high on the agenda as in recent years.The National Rifle Association on Monday took to the campaign trail to urge Americans to vote in the […]

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U.S. court finds abortion providers guilty of illegally performing ‘black ops’

An Oklahoma abortion provider who helped cover up the deadly murder of an abortion doctor in an operation that was never properly documented will face charges in federal court, prosecutors said on Wednesday.A federal judge in Tulsa issued the indictment in the case of Dr. James E. Bostic, who was shot dead at his home […]

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When I had to leave the house, I used clea to set up a privacy screen

Clea Gaultier, the creator of the popular clea widget, has taken to Reddit to talk about her experience setting up a security screen in her home.She has now shared her experience on the subreddit, where many users have taken to sharing their own experiences using clea.Clea explains that she is no stranger to privacy settings […]

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