The Perfect Glass, the Perfect Case and the Perfect Glass Cleaner

The Perfect Case is an amazing tool that cleans your entire home.But if you have to use it, make sure it has a case that doesn’t break and that has an adhesive strip to hold the cleaner in place.I also like that the product also comes with an adhesive on the outside so you can […]

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How to get the best price on Dental Clarity and Clear TV Reviews

The first-ever Clear Choice review series was launched by Clear TV and the first-of-its-kind review service is launching today.Clear TV is the first TV service to offer its customers a curated list of over 20,000 TV channels, and the new service offers the ability to save a list of channels for quick access.“We’re thrilled to […]

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Can you clean out your vagina without hurting your skin?

Cleaning out your vaginal tract is a popular activity among the female population.It is often a simple matter to simply use a cloth, a cotton pad, a sponge or a tissue.But a recent study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania shows that these vaginal cleansers do not do much to clean the lining of […]

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When the Clear Creek Cleo Board Came Alive: Cleo’s Original Design Was an Instant Hit

When the clear Creek Cleon board first hit the skateboarding world in 2009, it seemed like an amazing opportunity to create a skateboard that was so clean, so clear, and so beautiful, that it could be a model for skateboarding’s future.The Clear Creek board was meant to be the ultimate clean, beautiful, and simple skateboard.The […]

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