When I had to leave the house, I used clea to set up a privacy screen

Clea Gaultier, the creator of the popular clea widget, has taken to Reddit to talk about her experience setting up a security screen in her home.She has now shared her experience on the subreddit, where many users have taken to sharing their own experiences using clea.Clea explains that she is no stranger to privacy settings […]

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Crystal Clean has released a new flavor for the Kirin 970 flagship and the Kirin 955

Crystal Clean founder and CEO Jochen Jockel has released an updated flavor for its Kirin 970 and the latest Kirin 965 processors.The Kirin 970, along with the Kirin 960, the Kirin 950, the upcoming Kirin 950X and the 10nm SoC, are among the most powerful chips in the mobile market.Crystal Clean’s new flavor, Crystal Clean […]

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