U.S. court finds abortion providers guilty of illegally performing ‘black ops’

An Oklahoma abortion provider who helped cover up the deadly murder of an abortion doctor in an operation that was never properly documented will face charges in federal court, prosecutors said on Wednesday.A federal judge in Tulsa issued the indictment in the case of Dr. James E. Bostic, who was shot dead at his home […]

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‘Coup is a very bad idea’: How Trump may be emboldening ISIS

By ALEXANDER BLEIER and ELIZABETH SIMONMANNAssociated PressWASHINGTON (AP) President Donald Trump is sending mixed signals about his administration’s strategy to deal with a threat posed by ISIS, a major U.S. military intelligence assessment concluded.Trump has already ordered the Pentagon to start building a more robust effort to defeat the terror group, which has carried out […]

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FourFourFive: Top five stock picks

FourFiveTwo: Top 5 stock picks for 2018 article FourFourThree: Top 3 stock picks in 2018 article 4FourFour: Top 10 stock picks from 2018 article 5Five: Best stock picks of 2018 article 6Six: Top stock picks 2018 article 7Seven: Top 20 stock picks list 2018 article 8Eight: Top 50 stock picks this year article 9Nine: Top […]

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