New York City: The Most Corrupt City

The city is the most corrupt city in America, according to a new report released Tuesday by the watchdog group Democracy 21.It was ranked No. 1 in terms of the level of corruption, a measure of the amount of money spent by the city on political influence and campaign spending.The ranking comes as President Donald […]

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How I Stopped Eating A Lot of Beer, Stopped Smoking And Stopped Having Sex

In a few years, you’ll be sitting down at your computer, or watching TV, or even writing a paper.You’ll be doing everything from reading to playing games to surfing the web to having sex.You may even be able to start a new business, maybe even start a blog.You might even be the next Zuckerberg.But the […]

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Apple wins US Supreme Court ruling on antitrust case

Apple has won the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that the company’s iTunes Match service infringes on two other competing services.Apple’s $1.9 billion claim against rival music service Rdio is a “historic victory for consumers,” according to the Supreme Court on Monday.The court said that the software giant’s Rdio service “will not only enable users to […]

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‘It’s a lot like being a kid again’ – a ‘fantastic experience’

It’s been nearly three years since Polygon first published this article, and it feels like we’re at the end of it.The story of one of the most significant, important, and deeply emotional moments in video game history is in the making.So what is it?And what does it mean?We’ve spent a year and a half tracking […]

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